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Editor - Vanilla, (Feature Film 2024)

(Directed by Joseph a. Adesunloye - Dreamcoat Pictures)

Bastien and Matt are on holiday in Spain as they try and save their fragile relationship relationship. Flaurent, an attractive and provocative presence, enters their lives and we witness years of emotional baggage finally unload in a sultry weekend in Barcelona.

The film, Vanilla

Editor - Incant, (Short Film 2024)

(Directed by Raphael Ceribelli - Scripitch Media)

In a stream of consciousness, something lurks in the shadows, and Laura is in a rush against time to cast the spell that can save her.

The film, Incant

Editor - A Little Tipple, (Short Film 2023)

(Directed by Maya Daughtry)

A wife has an intense discussion with her husband after she discovers that he may have killed their only child in this period drama.

The Film, A Little Tipple

Editor - Blame, (Short Film 2024)

(Directed by Cole Swanson)

Two siblings' lives are turned upside down after they lose their mother in a tragic accident.

The Film, Blame

Editor - One French Summer, (Short Film 2022)

(Directed by Joseph a. Adesunloye - Dreamcoat Pictures)

Chris returns to his childhood home in the South of France to visit his dying father, Richard. Torn apart by Richard's mistake, Chris navigates the wreckage of their relationship, whilst forming a new bond with Richard's carer Laurent.

The film, One French Summer

Editor - The New Normal, (Feature Film 2021)

(Directed by Michael Jaffer - Sugar Free Films Ltd.)

Set in New York, London and Porto Alegre, this powerful and factual interweaving drama follows three people from vastly different backgrounds as their lives are impacted by political failure to respond to the global Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

The film, The New Normal
The film, The New Normal
The film, The New Normal

Editor - Hard Words, (Short Film 2019)

(Directed by Philip Brereton)

Rival fiction writers have a chance encounter at a book signing and it is the catalyst that brings lots of unresolved tension to the surface.

Hard Words, film

Editor - The Art of Trying, (Short Film 2016)

(Directed by Tessa Von Erlach)

After a few bungling attempts to kill himself, a lonely teen finds salvation in a friend with similar interests in this coming of age comedy.

The film, The Art of Trying

Editor - In a Time Lapse (Short Film, 2016)

(Directed by Silvia Tonelli)

The unexpected journey of a father and a daughter through their memories, igniting both their trauma and their hopes for the future.

The Film, In a Time Lapse
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